The Joint International Semantic Technology Conference (JIST) is a joint event for regional Semantic Web related conferences. This year’s JIST brings together two regional conferences: ASWC2011 (2011’s Asian Semantic Web Conference) and CSWC2011 (The 5th Chinese Semantic Web Conference). This years conference was held in Hangzhou. 

This years technical program also included three invited talks given by lead- ing figures from both the academic and business world. This years talks were given by Ian Horrocks of Oxford University; Abraham Bernstein of University of Zurich; and Mark Greaves of Vulcan, Inc. Furthermore, JIST 2011 included a full-day of tutorials prior to the technical program. Tutorial presenters include Jesse Wang, Ning Hu and Mark Greaves from Vulcan Inc; Jeff Z. Pan from Uni- versity of Aberdeen; and Shonali Krishnaswamy and Yuan-Fang Li from Monash University.